Download Your Free Drawings Grape Trellis (Arbor) Drawings!

Free Measured Drawings for an ultra  decorative Grape Trellis

The drawings for the fancy-schmancy grape trellis are complete and ready for download over in the woodworking  section. Create your own green fence today!

The pair I built are roughly 24 feet long (three roughly 8 foot sections each) for damn near 50 feet total trellis flanking the sidewalk leading to my home.
The whole idea behind this design was to get a tall green wall in a rapid manor by using a vine. I chose grapes because they are a beautiful plant and I like grapes, but if you like flowers, clematis, wisteria, or some other flowering vine may suit you better. If so, you will likely need to add some lattice to the slats.

Hell, you could even plant and train tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vine veggies if you like. Why people relegate food crops to a hidden spot in the back yard is beyond me. Anyway —enjoy the plans.


Fancy Grape Trellis Plans




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