New Wood Materials for Autodesk Inventor

Lacewood Image by Paul HindPaul Hinds over at has graciously agreed to allow the use of some of his wood images on the Materials Page here at the Open Design Project. I first found his images back when I first started using Inventor (and found out that it only had a few images in the stock material library). I used one of the images back then on a small project I was working on, but have not been back since then as I have been designing mostly the ‘floating’ interior architecture for mega yachts for the last few years. The interiors were covered with many of these woods, but the core was made from light weight acoustically dampened composites.

Since my last visit, Paul has added many thousands more images to his impressive collection (about 20,000 as of this writing!). The images are beautiful, and represent pretty much any species with any figure you could imagine. Paul has put in a lot of time over many years compiling this collection, and for that we thank him sincerely.

I am currently looking at the different alternatives for the format of the Materials Library as well as the creation of a small script that will allow the unique properties of wood to be added to the material editor dialog. Whether that happens or not depends on whether there will be a use for such functionality or not. If FEA programs will work on wood, then it should be there. For now, I will be using what I can to get the materials for the iCabinet complete so that I can move on from the materials to adding hinges, pull-outs, and drawers to the Module.







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