Design Automation for Structural Steel

Hello everyone. Just a quick post to point you to a new post/video we have created called Design Automation for Structural Steel.  The video is the first of what will be a series of videos and corresponding posts where I will attempt to answer some of the questions people have about design automation.

Structural Steel Design Automation

In one of the future posts, we will show the configurator that we are creating for the video as a fully functioning online configurator that we will embed in our website! Continue reading Design Automation for Structural Steel

Cloud Configurator at Autodesk University

Cloud Configurator by ADI at AU

Just a reminder that one of our Cloud Configurators will be featured at Autodesk University this year (December 3-5, Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas) . It will be used as an example during the Configurator 360 class. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, but if you do, check it out and let us know how things went. Don’t forget that when AU is over, ADI offers training, consultation, and configurator creation for any product you may produce. All of our configurators are guaranteed to work on C360. Have a great time at AU!


Autodesk Intends To Buy Delcam

Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSK) today announced its intention to acquire Delcam, one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced software for the manufacturing industry. Autodesk plans to acquire Delcam for £20.75 per share or approximately £172.5 million. The transaction will be structured as a cash offer for all the outstanding shares of Delcam, is subject to customary closing conditions including regulatory approvals, and is expected to close in Autodesk’s first quarter of fiscal 2015. Autodesk expects to use its non-U.S.-based cash for the transaction.

“Today we are taking an important step on our path toward delivering a better manufacturing experience,” said Carl Bass, Autodesk president and CEO. “Together Autodesk and Delcam will help further the development and implementation of technology for digital manufacturing.”

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Autodesk Inventor Drawings Survey

Inventor Drawings Survey

The Inventor Team has come up with a survey that will help them plan the drawing/documentation area of Autodesk Inventor.  You really should go take the survey to make sure your thoughts are included in their planning!

Autodesk Inventor Drawings Survey

How-to Restructure an Autodesk Inventor Assembly

….or, what I did last summer, then the restructure stuff.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I have been incredibly busy as of late. As of this year, I am the new Autodesk Inventor Instructor at CADLearning. Over the past six months or so, I have produced 368 Autodesk Inventor video lessons that span nearly 32 hours, and cover Autodesk Inventor 2014 from ‘soup to nuts’. 

CADLearning also has training materials for most of the other Autodesk programs, so stop on over and get yourself educated……….. but for now, stick around for a brief lesson on assembly modeling where I will show how to restructure newly added elements of a large assembly. I will do so using some of the BIM-esque work I have been doing on the Blackhawk Cottage. I recently routed the ducting for the cottage’s 18,000 btu high efficiency wall furnace (it takes very little to heat the place), and I’m nearly done installing that ducting, so I’ll include some images of that as well.  

The placement of the PVC pipe for the unit was pretty tricky because of the incredibly tight spaces it needed to go into, and the fact that I don’t want to build bulkheads all over the place to hide things. There is a 3” mechanical chase built into what I refer to as the, of all things, mechanical wall, and this pair of pipes had to make its way through much of the already built wall. This is because when the cottage was originally designed, they did not make high efficiency furnaces small enough for a small ultra efficient design. Now they do, and before the wall is sealed up, the ductwork needed to be in place.

The image below shows how I started routing the duct. It is a part created in-place in the Master Assembly, and grounded at the origin. From there I project whatever geometry is needed to create the pipe run, which in this case is self draining back to the heater…


The restructure pipe run diagram

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Revit Interoperability in Inventor 2014!

Revit Interoperability in Inventor 2014

Revit Interoperability has been part of Autodesk Inventor for some time now, but the newest version of Inventor, Inventor 2014, has upped the ante a bit by adding tools to simplify parts and assemblies for export, as well as the ability to export your models directly into Revit format!

I worked with this during the beta testing, but that is never quite like the shipped product –and you are sworn to secrecy. So I will be running some tests and posting the findings online as soon as I am done with the yearly task of creating inventor video tutorial lessons for another Autodesk Developer –which has me swamped at the moment.

For now, I did a quick export of a cabinet to Revit to show some of the screens. This first one is of an already simplified cabinet in the Export Building Components environment, where the cabinet is classified and data is filled out. Most of the data can be automated, which I will be working on… 


This is the Export Building Components dialog used for Revit Interoperability
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