Tutorials Moved to Applied Design Intelligence

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’ve moved all of the Autodesk Inventor Tutorials as well as a few posts that were still relevant over to our commercial website, Applied Design Intelligence. We no longer have the time to keep this website updated, and as-such it had become quite the mess. But…

All is not lost! The awesome Series Tutorials have been updated and now reside either in the Cabinet Web Portal or in the new Free Tutorial area at ADI. The shorter tutorials, How-to’s, and Tips & Tricks are all also there, and are much easier to get to.

If you are in need of Autodesk Inventor Configurator Creation, Training, Consultation, or other Inventor Services, stop by Applied Design Intelligence and check out how we can be of service — or just subscribe to our blog and receive updates as to what is going on in the Inventor Blogosphere.

Have a great day!